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Integration Products - Overview

Developers, integrators and companies who want to extend their applications and IT systems can implement ABBYY SDKs and services with API. This site focuses on available features and technologies.


FineReader Engine icon

    • Comprehensive SDK for OCR and document conversion
    • Desktop & server scenarios
    • OCR, Barcode Recognition, ICR (without template matching)
    • Broad set of features & sophisticated tuning options
    • Processing Profiles
    • > 200 languages
    • Supported operating systems:

Real-Time Recognition SDK icon

    • Empowers your mobile app with Real-Time OCR - an ability to recognize text directly on smartphone camera preview screen.
    • Recognition of text in real-world scenes
    • Support of 63 languages
    • Works on the user's device
    • Supported operating systems: iOS, Android
    • Designed for special OCR and document conversion scenarios
    • Integration in hardware & special devices
    • No “ready-to-ship” SDK
    • Requirements are defined based on the implementation and needed features
    • Project customization needed
    • Supported operating systems
      • let ABBYY know what you would need ;-)

Data Capture SDK

FineReader Engine icon

    • Easy-to-integrate SDK automatically extracting data from receipts.
    • For providers of Customer Loyalty Management software and services.
    • Extraction of basic fields, extended fields and line items.
    • Pre-trainied for 100+ USA top retail chains.
    • Can be easily trained for new chains via API.

FlexiCapture Engine logo

    • Designed for Classification and Data Capture scenarios
    • Intelligent document separation
    • Suited for desktop & server scenarios
    • Fixed Forms matching & data extraction
    • FlexiLayout support ( = free forms technology)
    • Supported operating system:
      • Windows
      • Linux on request
        (enterprise projects only)

OCR as Service

Cloud OCR logo

    • Windows Azure based OCR Service with API
    • High-quality ABBYY OCR and Document Conversion as a Cloud service
    • Easy to integrate via RESTful API
    • Code samples are available for: .NET, cURL, Java, PHP, Phyton and mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android
    • No pre-investment - pay as you use!

Imaging SDK

Mobile Imaging SDK icon

    • Toolkit for automatic high-quality (document) image capture on mobile device
    • Automatic document edges detection, cropping, perspective correction, compression and export for further processing
    • Image quality evaluation for OCR

Data Capture Solutions

    • ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent platform for capturing meaningful data, relationships and insights from documents, forms and correspondence to improve business outcomes. It transforms documents into business value by capturing and validating information in any format at its point of need. Intelligently digitizing documents and automating document processes, FlexiCapture helps organizations remove risk and cost while accelerating revenue and drive competitive advantage every day.
    • Designed for high-volume document conversion, ABBYY FineReader Server automatically converts large collections of documents into searchable, sharable digital libraries. Our server-based OCR and PDF conversion offering converts scanned and electronic documents into PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word, or other formats for search, long-term retention, collaboration, or additional processing – quickly, accurately, and automatically.

More ABBYY Products

ABBYY also offers ready to use applications and solutions for individuals and enterprises. You can find further information on the main ABBYY website: www.abbyy.com

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