Real-Time OCR: Key Features

  • Immediate text recognition
    Thanks to Real-Time Recognition SDK, developers can create mobile apps with the capability to capture text directly on a smartphone's camera preview screen. As it will be immediately recognized, there is no need to photograph the text area.
  • Recognition of text in real-world scenes
    Real-Time Recognition SDK can find the text of any colour on any background, for example road signs, restaurant menus or in industrial testing environments, and extract it with a high accuracy.
  • Specific features for mobile data capture
    Several ready-made features such as recognition of IBAN, recognition of ID cards, and data capture from business cards allow to implement innovative usage scenarios for enterprise customers. What data can your customers capture with ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK? Read more >
  • Instant recognition directly on the user's device
    The processing is performed directly on the mobile device. The mobile application with Real-Time Recognition technology does not need any internet connection.
  • Support for 63 recognition languages
    Real-Time Recognition SDK allows to recognize text in up to 63 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and several languages written in Cyrillic characters.
  • Text translation
    The extracted text can be translated instantly on the smartphone's camera preview screen. The SDK provides basic built-in translation dictionaries for the main European languages, as well Chinese and Japaneese.
  • Code Samples for an easy steart
    The distributive includes several code samples that allow to develop text capturing mobile apps faster.
  • iOS and Android support
    Real-Time Recognition SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms.

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