Where can I find the Cloud OCR AppID?

1) Visit http://ocrsdk.com/

2) Login on the top right on the homepage:

or via the Welcome page

Note: If you can not use the Facebook or Google Authentication then you can sign up for an ABBYY Account for Cloud OCR SDK

3) Once you logged in you can find your AppIDs - in the example below it is Test-App


Important Notes

  • The Cloud OCR SDK account should have a secure password
    (> 10 characters with special characters).
  • The App ID password will be sent to the Cloud OCR SDK account email.

Contracts with ABBYY

  • If you are in the process of signing an Cloud Service contract with ABBYY EU, you have to enter the following information in the Appendix A (term sheet).
    • the email address
    • the Application ID

Create a new AppID

  • If you want to create a new App ID you can do so
    • Just login to the Cloud OCR SDK Backend with you Admin account
    • Create a new AppID
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