Can I run FineReader Engine in Virtual Machine or Container?

FineReader Engine
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The use of virtual environments in companies has been steadily increasing for many decades. For some years now, the trend towards the use of containerization technology has also been observed to grow enormously, as the advantages are obvious: Hardware cost savings, IT efficiency, faster deployment and performance of applications through greater scalability options, etc.

Virtual Machines

Yes, FineReader Engine 12 can be run in many different virtual environments. The list of the latest supported virtual systems please find here:


Yes, starting with the version 12, the FineReader Engine can be easily deployed in Docker containers leveraging the Online License.

The Online License, introduced in the latest version of the FineReader Engine – version 12, does not require activation and is best suited for the use in virtual environments, including Docker container and cloud platforms. For more details on the Online License please read the article FineReader Engine 12 Online Licensing (This article is available in ABBYY knowledge base on

For detailed instructions on how to deploy the FineReader Engine 12 in Docker containers, please see the correspondig articles:

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