Technology V 10

History V10.0

  • SDK Release Date Windows: 07.9.2010
  • SDK Release Date Linux: 22.03.2012

New in V10 technology

  • Improved Language Support
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Japanese
  • Speed Tuning
    • Normal mode becomes faster
    • New Fast Mode for good quality images
    • Additional classifier trained on low resolution scans and faxes
  • Improved Fraktur/gothic Recognition
    • Reconstruction of table of content in Office documents
    • New API
  • New Processing Profiles
    • Document conversion for archives
    • Document conversion for content reuse
    • Anchor text extraction
    • Fields level recognition
    • Barcodes extraction
    • Documents indexing and classification
  • New API for PDF Export

Products based on V10 technology

Further Info

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