Receipt Recognition


The recognition of receipts is a tricky OCR scenario:

  • Recognizing the text is often a challenge, because of (often) bad printing quality and the used fonts
  • Here an example how the text in a receipt might look like:
    • pale and
    • low image quality
  • From a logical point of the document there is no clear separation between keywords and data as you might see it in other Data Capture Scenarios
  • Working, out of the box receipt recognition can be used in
    • Personal expense management applications and apps
    • Customer loyalty programs
    • Enterprise expense management systems.

ABBYY's Receipts Plan

  • ABBYY's developed a packaged technology stack that matches the “OCRed” texts with the real business facts on the receipts
    • Vendor
    • Total
    • VAT rates used
    • Line item identification

Receipt Text Type in FineReader Engine

  • FineReader Engine 11 core recognition technology was extended with a special print type “Receipt”.
  • Of course it is possible to apply standard OCR on receipts and then parse and analyze the results.

Receipt Recognition Business Development

  • The technology is currently developed for several countries (US, UK, Germany, Netherlands…)
  • ABBYY is already working with selected partners on the technical implementation of Receipt Recognition.
    If you would like to get more details, please get in contact with us.
      • Select FineReader Engine for Windows and select your country.
      • Please add more information how you would like to use/integrate Receipt Recognition in your project/application.
        Based on this information the responsible ABBYY office will contact you.
      • Note: This technology is not just language but also country specific. Since ABBYY is just starting the development of this technology, your countries might not be supported. But it is important for us to know about your project and demand.


  • A method for receipt recognition. Output is an XML of special format:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<document xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" type="Receipt">
<receipt paymentType="Card" cardType="Visa" currency="EUR" purchaseType="Supermarket">
             <field type="Total">
                    <value type="Value">100</value>
             <field type="Date">
                    <value type="Day">01</value>
                    <value type="Month">01</value>
                    <value type="Year">2001</value>
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