Business Card Reading

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine, Mobile OCR Engine, Cloud OCR SDK
4.0, 11

The recognition of Business Cards is a special OCR scenario:

  • Identify a single business card when multiple cards are on one image (Desktop App, Embedded OCR SDK)
  • Reading the text
  • Matching the “orced” texts with their real meaning like:
    • last name
    • first name
    • street
    • company
    • email
  • Having the general OCR language support is one thing, but to make BCR work, you need also special language support or even country support, because the logic of the addresses is very different.

Business Card Recognition in FineReader Engine

  • New Business Card recognition API
    • FineReader Engine 11 includes the option to extract data from business cards.
    • Extended automatic card splitting, when the scan/image contains several business cards
    • You can use the predefined processing profile BusinessCardsProcessing
    • See details about the new Business Card object in the documentation.

Business Card Recognition in Cloud OCR or Mobile OCR Engine

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK also allows to process business cards. The images can be uploaded to the service via a REST-API and receive the extracted data as XML

Business Card reading on mobile devices is one of the most common used OCR scenarios. With the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine developers can integrate this capabilities in own application.

Since the implementation, roll-out of the processing business cards, you should have a look at the comparison links at the end of the article.

ABBYY Business Card XML

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