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FineReader Engine
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FineReader Engine 10/11

  • Updated Visual Components were released with FineReader Engine 10 Release 3 in July 2011.
    Since then they are part of the FineReader Engine SDK on Windows and also available in the latest version.
  • The GUI elements are implemented/available as ActiveX Components, this is why they are not part of the Linux and Mac toolkits.
  • The Development Licenses include the Visual Components, so no additional costs are created by using them 8-)
    Depending on the Runtime License Package that is offered in your region, they can be included ((They are included in ABBYY EUs Runtime Professional licenses).
  • Here what the pre compiled sample in the FineReader Engine 10 distributive looks like:

ImageViewer Object

ZoomViewer Object

DocumentViewer Object

Detail View

Thumbnail View

TextEditor Object

FineReader Engine 9.0

  • The initial FineReader Engine Visual Components provided a graphical user interface similar to the interface of the desktop application ABBYY FineReader 9.0.
  • The Visual Components allows you to easily create an application for scanning, viewing and editing images, editing and verifying the recognized text and monitoring document processing.
  • The FineReader Engine Visual Components is the library of ActiveX components and auxiliary COM classes. This library allows to view and edit contents of the FRDocument and FRPage objects.

ImageViewer Sample

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