OCR Export to Text

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine, Cloud OCR SDK
9.x, 10, 11
Technology & Features
  • ABBYY optical character recognition technologies can - of course - export OCR results to 'pure text'. ;-)

The text export object in the FineReader Engine SDK provide functionality for tuning parameters of recognized text export in TXT or CSV format by means of ABBYY FineReader Engine export functions. To select the format of export, use the ExportFormat property. In CSV the following formatting applies:

  • Original lines are retained
  • Lines containing separator symbols are quoted(“ ”)
  • Quotes inside other quotes are duplicated

Further Options are:

  • AppendEOF
    Specifies if the EOF (End Of File) symbol is inserted at the end of file.
  • AppendToEnd
  • TabSeparator
  • ExportParagraphsAsOneLine
    Specifies if each paragraph in the recognized text is exported as one line.
  • InsertEmptyLineBetweenParagraphs
  • UsePageBreaks

Example of the Recognition Server Dialog 1)

  • The document analysis mode influences for example if also text within images should be recognized
  • If the coordinates of the texts are required or beneficial then the XML Export can provide these details “offline”
  • The processing profiles in FineReader Engine (since V10) make implementation easy - have a look at the sample

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1) V 3.x
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