Multi Core CPU Support

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
Technology & Features
Recognition, OCR: Speed & Quality


  • ABBYY SDKs can use multiple CPU cores, but there are different aspects that depend on the used
    • SDK version
      → built-in multi-core support or own process management
    • API call used
      → V9 Document API or V10 Batch Processor
    • License
      → multiple cores in licences allowed

Multi-Core Document API

  • ABBYY introduced the multi core Document API in FineReader Engine 9.0 (win)
  • The new document API distributes the pages of a document automatically to the number of specified CPU cores on one machine. So processing multi page documents is as simple as processing only one page.

  • FineReader Engine also contains a code sample that allows developers to see how to implement it. The sample is also pre-compiled, so that it is easy to test without writing one line of code

Multi-Core Batch API

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