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FineReader Engine, Cloud OCR SDK
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Technology & Features
  • ABBYY FineReader Engine allow to export OCR results to 'HTML'.

Options are:

  • CodePage
    This property specifies the code page to which the recognized text is exported.
  • HTMLFormatMode
    Specifies the version of HTML used for export. Export may be done in HTML 3.2 format for old browsers, HTML 4.0 format for newer browsers.
  • HTMLSynthesisMode
    Specifies a mode of synthesizing HTML code from the recognized text. There exist three modes of synthesis: retain paragraphs only, retain paragraphs and fonts, retain full logical structure of the document.
  • KeepLines
    Specifies if original lines in recognized text are retained during export.
  • PictureFormat
    Specifies the image format to be used during export to HTML; images are saved to separate files.
    This property can have one of the following values: EPF_Automatic, EPF_JpegColor, EPF_JpegGray, EPF_PngBlackWhite, EPF_PngColor, EPF_PngGray.
  • PictureResolution & PictureJpegQuality
  • SeparatePages
    If this property is TRUE and several pages are exported to HTML format, <HR> tag is inserted between pages, which makes the browser draw a horizontal rule. In this case, the logical structure of the document is not retained.
  • SplitDocumentToFiles
    Specifies the mode of splitting output document into files.

Example of the Recognition Server Dialog 1)

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1) V3.0
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